Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our day

I have had to re-type this post several times so it might not seem so negative. Not sure if I accomplished that or not...

The traffic in this city is insane. People drive very fast trying to get wherever it is they're going, honking their horns, swerving around other vehicles, and dodging pedestrians. As a matter of fact, first thing this morning I watched a lady walking on the sidewalk, yes I said sidewalk, almost get hit by a taxi cab. He was driving up the sidewalk and apparently didn't care if he hit her or not. She literally had to jump out of the way. Seriously, it is like that here all the time! Cars fly done tiny streets going about 60, run red lights, and pass long lines of other cars on these same tiny streets. ugh....

Ok, sorry, back to my day....

After much driving around, waiting around, freezing my you know what off sitting in some old building waiting on some lady to do my daughter's birth certificate, more driving, more waiting, and more whatever......

We didn't even get to have Gotcha day today! :((

Somebody at the orphanage was having some kind of birthday/anniversary or whatever party and all the important people from the orphanage that we would need to sign papers, etc were
gonna go to the party. Wow, I'm really hoping there was someone left at the orphanage to watch the kids! :) Ok, sorry a little sarcasm there.

And that was just my day.

Mark had to drive 2 or more hours to some other town and try to get Anna's birth certificate at a place that decided they were gonna be closed today. These people were there, but were trying to make them come back tomorrow to get the birth certificate. Luckily we have a "Serge", who knows how to get people to do stuff! He got them to open up to do our birth certificate, but Mark had to wait about 5 hours for them to give it to him... As a matter of fact, Mark is still not back from his trip as I sit here and type! Really though, thank you so much Serge for your help!!!

We just don't quite know how to feel. This was a big disappointment!! We should know better than to get our hopes up for something, especially in this place. I sat there for so long waiting and freezing cold and irritated, but I kept thinking we are getting the girls after this and that's what's important! Patient endurance I kept reminding myself.

How could we know that some party was planned, and so now my girls have to lay in their cribs for yet another day? Yes, we will get over it. Yes, we can even look forward to seeing them and getting them out tomorrow! If we dare to hope. But right now it just feels so frustrating and I'm having a hard time being positive.

On the upside, we are going to try to meet with several other RR families tonight at TGIF's. That should be fun and maybe we'll come back with a better attitude and ready to go again! Thanks to anyone who has prayed! We are seriously needing those prayers, so please keep 'em coming! :)


Julia said...

It is hard!! Every single step over there is painfully hard as you sit and wait at the mercy of everyone in order to get those girls home. On our 'Gotcha Day' the institute director made us wait three hours, outside, without bringing Aaron to us, while she ranted and raved to our facilitor inside. We were so upset. It was the LONGEST three hours. We just wanted to take him and leave. We had EVERY SINGLE PAPER we needed to bust him out. We wanted to walk him out of that institute forever and to have to sit there - waiting - was enough to make us want to tear down the gazebo we were sitting inside - piece by piece. I KNOW how you feel. It does pass. Hang in there. Have fun with the families tonight. Take a walk around Kiev. One of these days you will look back and laugh. (We have not reached that point yet) Blessings on your LAST DAYS!!

WalkOnWaterMom said...

Chin up sweet friend! God has gone before you and prepared a way! You will get your babies in his timing, in his perfect plan! SOOO frustrating though! I can not believe the up-hill climb you were on today! Hang in there. Tomorrow is another day...Gotcha day! Enjoy TGIF! Praying Mark makes it back safe. Thank God for Serge!

ouradoptionjourneywithBryceVanya said...

Hi Kristen...I am sorry for the fiasco today. However it was wonderful meeting your husband,Mark, today. I think my husband was EXTREMELY excited to have someone to shoot the --- with! LOL! Not sure if Mark told you, but Priluki is quite the "small" town so we've been having a rough time here. Getting better, but we never thought we'd be so excited to get back to Kiev. We had court today but we are in for the long haul (our appeal period goes into 12days) but it's all worth it. Our little guy became our son today! Good luck with the next few days! I hope you can get out over the weekend! Safe travels. Kim & Tom Baumann

Mollie said...

I'm sorry Aunt Kirsten!
I hope ya'll get them tomorrow and that all four of you get to come home soon!!
I'm praying for you guys!!
Much Love!

Rebekah Dowd said...

Praying for you both, and your beautiful babies! May God grant you favor, peace, and strength as you finish the last few steps of this race. Hang in there, the end is in sight !!

And your ears will hear a word behind you, "This is the way, walk in it", whenever you turn to the right or to the left. Isaiah 30:21

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