Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ok so I haven't really updated on the girls in awhile. Can you believe they have been home for 7 months already? Wow!!!

Victoria is doing so great!! She is exploring so much more than she used to. She is crawling all over the house and just enjoys doing her own thing. She is so content and watches all that is going on. And she does know what's going on! She comes in the kitchen and joins the other girls (well mostly Anna) who yell at me for food at mealtimes! Ha! Such a funny girl! She is so quiet usually, unless someone does something to her to make her cry, then she is a bit hard to console. But otherwise, she is just such a joy to have around! She is just so sweet!!

Anna is the total opposite (of quiet anyway). She is very outgoing and does not know a stranger. It seems cute, but it is not such a great thing really. She is definitely bonding to us, but I am a bit concerned about her boundaries with complete strangers. She is also very intense and wants what she wants when she wants it! :) She is doing great with motor skills. She can climb up our little slide and go down it all by herself! She has been pulling to stand and cruising for quite some time. But now she will stand up right from the floor without holding onto anything and balance for a few seconds! She is so cute! She loves it and she knows she's doing something special. Probably because we all clap and cheer for her everytime she does it... HA!

The baby of the bunch, Madalyn, just turned 2 so we officially have three 2 year olds in the house! Fun!! These girls keep us so busy!!

We are working on sharing toys and taking turns now! Anna and Madalyn are really quite competitive. The competiton definitely drives them and challenges them to do more, and has been beneficial to both of them. But it also a bit challenging as well. Anna likes to be where ever Madalyn is, and doing whatever Madalyn is doing. If she's trying to climb in the swing, Anna is there trying as well. If she is drinking her bottle or cup, Anna is right there waiting for her to drop it so she can grab it. Even though she has her own bottle. She wants the book or toy or whatever Madalyn has. It's a bit frustrating, but if that's the worst we have to deal with, then that's okay.

We have eye appointments for all 3 girls next week. I am anxious to see the results of that! Madalyn and Victoria have to get blood drawn for thyroid checks and Anna needs to be rechecked for H.Pylori, too. Then in June, Madalyn has a sleep study and a swallow study at Children's. Then hearing appointments for all the girls in July. Does this stuff just never end?

I really have no reason to complain though! The girls have been really healthy! Madalyn had pneumonia this winter and was on oxygen, but has been pretty healthy the rest of the winter. Only 1 sinus infection so that is good! We continue to be so thankful for these precious girls. We are just so blessed!

Daniel took 3rd at the Youth Wrestling Championships in Farmingtion, NM a couple weeks ago. We are so proud of him because he improved so much during the season. He also consistently placed around 3rd or 4th throughout the season. We were especially proud of him during the championship tournament because he beat a kid who had beaten him several times this season! So cool and such a confidence booster!!

The boys have now moved from wrestling to baseball. We obviously love wrestling, but I am really looking forward to baseball season! I love watching the games and seeing how much they have improved since last year!

Baseball...the great American sport! Gotta love it!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today is my firstborn son's 21st birthday!! Wow I just absolutely cannot believe it has been 21 years since he came into my life! My gosh how time flies by.

First Birthday
April 19, 1991

Such a cutie!

age 2 1/2

At the park
4 yrs old

Skeptical of his great-grandmother apparently...
6 yrs old

Bring in those calves!
9 yrs

Deep sea fishing in Oregon
10 yrs

Big brother
11 yrs old

Awana Bible Quiz
Age 12

Knowledge Bowl
Age 14

Age 15

Regional Wrestling Champ!
Age 16

Reflecting before the big jump...
Jordan, Jeremiah, Roy, Caleb
17 yrs

Unicyling man of many talents!!
Age 17

Football - Lineman of the Year
Age 17

Colorado State Champion!!

18th birthday party with friends.

Graduation 2008
Age 18

Valedictorian - in a Dr Seuss hat
Oh the places you'll go...

NCAA Elite 88
20 yrs old

Jordan, you have accomplished so many things in these first 21 years and we are so proud of who you are as a person! We all love you very very much!! Congratulations on reaching this big milestone in your life!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Ladybug!

Madalyn - You are 2 years old today! You came into our lives so unexpectedly, but what a blessing and a gift these last 2 years have been! You have endured so much medically, more than any child should ever have to. You have such sweet and strong spirit, and that is what has gotten you through the things you have had to endure -- major surgery right after birth for duodenal atresia and TEF, open heart surgery at 7 months, RSV and croup hospitalizations, pneumonia, nurses digging around in your arms and legs looking for a vein (even an artery sometimes), and oxygen tubes hanging off your sweet face for at least 12 out of the 24 months of your life. And you have done it all always with that sweet smile and happy spirit, amazing everyone around you. You are our precious baby girl, our first born daughter. Your beautiful blue eyes and adorable, crooked little smile inspires us and lights up our world every single day. Our whole life changed the day you came into our world and we thank God in Heaven for you every day!! Happy 2nd Birthday and we love you Madalyn Grace!!!

Here's a little video I put together to celebrate our ladybug's first 2 years. Its about 12 minutes long, and it still doesn't have all the pictures I wanted to use. :)) So many cute ones. You will have to go down a ways on the right side of my blog and pause the music player to hear the music on the video.

And your ears will hear a word behind you, "This is the way, walk in it", whenever you turn to the right or to the left. Isaiah 30:21

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