Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Forgotten Ones

Here are just a few faces of some of the children who are still waiting for someone to come and get them.  Not just anyone, but their mama and their daddy and maybe their siblings.  These little ones truly don't have much time left. 

Artem -

They have been living in baby houses for all their lives most likely and most of them don't have any family, any person who comes to visit them.  Anybody who really cares what happens to them.       

                                                                                 Danila -

They are very close to being transferred to mental institutions. This is not a good thing.  They are usually taken care of by consistent nannies or caregivers, fed on schedule, and given medical treatment in the baby houses.  Not so in the mental institutes.

Meredith -

Some like Spencer here, who I have just recently found out, HAS ALREADY been transferred.  This makes me so very very sad!  The reality of the situation is that most of the children with Down syndrome who are transferred WILL NOT SURVIVE the first year of being transferred. Look at that sweet face!
                                                                                     Spencer -

These little ones desperately need to be rescued.  Yes I said RESCUED!  I know some people don't like that term when referring to adoption. Maybe, however, they have  never been to one of these places/orphanages/mental institutions and seen the reality that these kids face every day. If you don't like that statement, please visit this link, for a little more perspective.   :) 

But that is a post for another day.
Today we just need to get these kids noticed!!  Then once they are, maybe getting a family will come next!!  These little ones have been all but forgotten, and because of some awesome blogging buddies of mine, these faces ARE getting noticed!!
                                                                              Robyn -

Click on these links and they will take you to some blogs where you can donate and that have some amazing giveaways going on!  You can get chances to win some of these awesome things including an Ipad2, an XBOX 360, a camera, a Kindle, a Laptop, gift cards and more!!

All you have to do is make a donation of $5 or $10 to be entered!  That could make for some great Christmas gifts this year!!! 

You have to at least go and check it out! Click here and also here for lots more info and fun!! 

Adoption is EXPENSIVE!  Just ask us!!  Lol  We had to get an adoption loan to help us bring Anna and Victoria home.  But it was worth it!!

So very worth it!!!!
But it is not an option for us again and we are having to raise every penny to bring our sweet Hailey home!  You can check out our iPad2 giveaway here if you would like to help Daniel, too.  He really wants to go to China to help bring his sister home.  And I need him to go with me, as my hubby will not be going this time.   
Look at her!  I think she is trying to call us.  Where are you Mommy?  When are you coming, Daniel?

She was one of the ones still waiting last year.  But next year she will be home for Christmas!! 
Please help make that a reality for some of the faces pictured above.  Donate to their adoption grant funds so that it will be easier for their future families to bring them home! 

And most of all, don't forget to pray for all of these little ones!! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

And a great Thanksgiving was had by all...

OK so last summer Jordan went on a road trip with his Papa, all the way from Colorado to Washington.  They got to visit some of my siblings and my nieces and nephews while they were there which was really awesome, especially for Jordan.  He got to re-connect with family that he hadn't seen for like....12 years maybe.  Anyway, the main reason they went was to do some deep sea fishing!!  That is my Dad's absolute favorite thing to do!!  So for Jordan to be able to to go with him on a road trip like that was just so great for the both of them. 

My dad and Jordan caught a ton of fish while they were there!!  And had some great bonding time.  I  love these guys, two of the men in my life, and I am so very thankful for them both!!

"What does this have to do with Thanksgiving?", you might ask. our family strayed from the typical Thanksgiving day turkey and we had a FISH FRY!!  Oh man, it was sooo good!!  My dad can whip up some amazing beer battered deep fried fish!    So yummy and we all ate too much.  But isn't that what you are supposed to do on this day!?!

The last time we were in Oregon, Jordan was 10 years old!!  The same age his brother Daniel, is now.  Wow, that seems like so long ago, but yet just like yesterday...  Don't they look a lot alike? 

I am so thankful that my children have each other and will always have each other.  There are a bunch of them and I know sometimes people wonder how we do this or why we want to have such a large family.  But the fact that there are so many of them makes me feel good that they have so many siblings who love them and will always be there for them, when Mark and I are gone.  Especially the girlies.  :)
Jordan enjoying his fish.

Toria enjoyed hers too!
Anna always enjoys her some good food!!

So does Samuel   :)

Daniel loved the fish.  We had deep fried bottom fish and a salmon filet.  Yum!!
And the man who makes the best fish fry in the world. My dad.  So cool that he lives only about 10 miles away from us.  :)
Beautiful Anna

The whole gang minus one. We really missed Roy today, but I am very excited that my oldest son is coming to visit us next week!  Yea! I can get some updated pictures of him then.  
Unfortunately, I still won't be able to get a recent picture of all of them together. By the time Roy gets here,  Jordan will have already gone back to school.  Ugh, that is just the way it is I guess...
Sweet Madalyn

Justin loves his "girlie girl".  He is very protective of her.

Of course the day wouldn't have been complete without a little football (in the dark).
  The boys posing in front of the football goal post that Samuel built all by himself. 
My little Denver Bronco fan

Oh and just for fun, here's a pic of the girls last Thanksgiving. 
It was Anna's and Victoria's first Thanksgiving ever! They have changed so much in just a year!!

I am so thankful for my family and friends and all the blessings in my life too numerous to mention.  Also I am thankful that next year we will have another sweet face in the family pictures!! 

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Look Who's Standing

Every time we turn around now, we are seeing this sweet little face more vertical than we ever have before.  

As a matter of fact, alot of time we think it is Anna standing there.  Then we have to look twice and we realize it is Victoria!

And she is really enjoying this new found freedom and viewpoint...

She can reach so many more things!  It's just so much more fun than being stuck on the floor all the time.

And best of all...

Just being up there and doing what your little sisters are doing!  I mean, come on now.  The competition is steep around here!

We're so proud of our little Toria!  She is such a determined little girl.... a survivor. 

And what a little sweetheart!!!


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Thanks for helping Daniel gain the experience of a lifetime!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanks for donating!!!

Ok, this is a quick post to say THANKS so much to Allison who was officially the first to donate to Daniel's iPad2 fundraiser!!! Thanks Allison!!!

Daniel was super excited to find out somebody had donated!!! And as a bonus for being his first donation, he wanted that person to receive extra entries for the iPad2. Yea!! You get 5 more entries!  So please click on the Contact Us button on our blog to let me know your email info so that I can contact you in case you win! Thanks again so much!

Also, we have had someone donate to Hailey's FSP several times in the last couple months. I have not acknowledged that here on the blog because until recently I didn't know who it was and if it was the same person!! So....the person who donated (LL - I know your name but wasn't sure if you wanted it broadcast to everyone else), you are receiving some entries into the iPad2 giveaway as well! Thank you sooo much!! We are so appreciative. When someone donates toward your adoption and you don't even know them, it is so very humbling and so very amazing!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

Remember, anyone who donates please contact me with your email if you donate so that we can get in touch with you later if you win!
And because I always love blogs with pictures and I think every blogpost needs at least one, here's one I think is just so sweet.  
Happy Wednesday!!  :)
Two of my sweet girlies.  :)  LOVE them!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Response to Comments and Pictures!!

I've got some cute pics to share of the kids at the park, but first I want to say thanks to those of you who have commented on our iPad giveaway blogpost.  Thanks to Jane who featured Daniel's fundraiser on her blog!!  That is so awesome!!!  Thank you so much!!  Her blog is a bloghop and once I figure out how that works, I'm going to try to add it to my blog.  :)
Also, to Allison who commented on the iPad giveaway.  Yes you can donate to the Reece's Rainbow box for Hailey.  Please leave a comment when you do, and I will also get that info from RR.  :))  I haven't yet figured out how to add a Chip-In that goes to Hailey's RR account, but as soon as I do, I will be adding it!

One more thing.  For some reason, I cannot comment on blogs.  Not mine or anyone else's for that matter.  I can't figure out why, it just keeps sending me to log in over and over.  Very frustrating, so that is why I am responding to your messages here.  If anyone can to tell me how to fix that problem, please leave a comment and tell me.  Thanks!!  :))

Next -- a little bit of cuteness.


We decided to go to the park the other day.  It was a bit chilly, but pretty decent for Colorado in November.  It won't be long before the girls won't be able to go outside at all, so we took advantage of the day. 

Madalyn was super excited!! She loves going outside.  And she took off headed down the street!

Good thing big brother is there to help her down the curb.  She is ready to head right into the street.  She is like a kid in a candy store.  Walking/running everywhere and out of control... 

Don't you love the green grass with snow at the same time??

We finally decided to try and get her to just ride in the wagon.  She stayed there awhile with her sisters...

But she didn't last long.  She had to help big brother Samuel by pushing the wagon.
But only for a little while. She is still not too fast of a walker and she got tired.  We did walk a long ways after all.

So she rode again for awhile.  The rest of the way to the park anyway...

My beautiful Toria

She preferred to be in the wagon I think.  She didn't mind all the wood chips and even tasted some of them.  But for the most part, Toria would rather be indoors I think.  :)

Miss Maddie Pie again

Climbing is such hard work!!

Yea!!  At the top finally.  With the help of one of her great big brothers.

Justin is always somewhere "high" of course.  He has always been my little climber.

And such the little athlete. Can't wait for pee wee wrestling this year!  ;)

Samuel and Mark Daniel playing tetherball.

And Justin and his "Girlie Girl" again.  He loves her so much!!

She loves him too!!  They are great pals, except when he is holding on to her when she is wanting to go down!!

Now she's happy...

I just realized Anna didn't get in many of the pictures.  Actually it wasn't because I didn't want to take any of her.  But she just spent most of the time crying and frustrated.  The playground is covered in wood chips and she has a hard time walking in that kind of stuff.  And she was just unhappy for some reason, so I just didn't get any of her besides the one in the wagon.  :)  So next time, more pics of Anna I promise!

Remember please share Daniel's iPad2 fundraiser!  Thanks!!!
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