Monday, December 13, 2010


is a lot of work, takes up a bunch of time and energy, but in the end is so worth it!! We were invited to have the fundraiser for Carlene and Tristan and Brent at the "Breakfast with Santa" and took the opportunity to raise money for some sweet RR orphans!

Anna helped us by hanging out and being her cute and adorable self!!

Right now it seems like I barely have time to get the basic things done around the house. Like feeding babies, laundry, baths, dishes, homework, getting the older ones ready for school, cleaning, dinner, etc... So taking the time to make cake pops and plan a fundraiser really added alot to my plate. Not to mention it's Christmastime and I'm desperately trying to get ready for that...
But in the midst of all that...

A precious little girl named Anna. Little does she know that she is holding in her hands the very organization that helped us find her!! We are forever grateful to our amazing Lord and Savior! And to Reece's Rainbow, Andrea and Reece, and the whole RR team that helped us bring our daughters home! We are still pretty amazed by it all!! I just don't think it is usually that "easy".
We have been foster parents for 8 yrs. We have had many children come and go in our home. I have been a parent for going on 20 yrs!! (wow that is actually hard to write!). We have been a blended family for 14 yrs (yours, mine, ours, and theirs). We have wanted to adopt for that long as well. I am telling you, children just don't come into your family that easy. It is few and far between that a foster child will come into your home and stay forever. If that happens, you are mighty lucky and blessed!
My point is.....after doing foster care for so long, and praying for children to stay and most that have not, it makes you realize how amazing it is when something like this happens! We worked so hard after we committed to the girls. The paperchase was unbelievable! It seemed never-ending and most of the time it seemed like it really just would never happen and the girls would really never be here in our house in our safe little town. There really was nothing we could physically do to get the girls here.
But here they are!! :))
They are here now, and we are forever reminded that all our children are here because for some reason or another, the Father saw fit to bless this family with them! All of them!
He knew exactly which children would fit best in this family! Out of all the little ones on the RR website, how did we end up with 2 sweet little ones that fit perfectly into our family? There is no other explanation...

Anyway, it is busy and all....but really very fulfilling to be doing something to help a child! Not just any child, but a child that truly has no hope if they are not adopted!! We want to help these little ones! We want to help their families be able to bring them home as quickly as possible! Every single dime helps!!
We are still in the adjusting phase after bringing home our girls! We are still figuring out just exactly what the girls need to thrive! We are still trying to show them what unconditional love and family is like, and and help them with attachment and reduce any orphanage behaviors that are there! We saw the society from which many of these little ones come. There were things that they had to go through because they were orphans. Just because they were in an orphanage. Just because they did not have someone who was holding and loving and caring for them consistently. Just because it wasn't as sanitary as it could have been when their food was prepared... Just because the society into which they were born is not accepting of who they are...
But things can be different. All they need is a family!!

At the Breakfast with Santa, Anna had her first picture with Santa! So cute and so many firsts these days!!

And just who in the world are you?? :)

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