Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 months home

The girls have been home now for 13 weeks!!!

Don't they look like such big girls??

They came home 10-20-10. Today is 1-20-11. Cool, huh?

Look at the pudge on Victoria's arms and cheeks!

It is really hard to believe! The time has flown by!

Life was busy before, but nothing like this!! It is hard work having 3 little ones all around the same age. And all so young! I am very thankful for my older boys. They help me alot!! They love to pick the girls up and hold them and hug them! I think it's great and I am so proud of them!! What great fathers they will be someday! They are not complaining at all about all the extra time given to the girls! And they willingly jump in to help feed them, or watch them, or whatever is needed...

Victoria turned 2 on New Year's Eve and was not thrilled with the whole birthday party thing that the rest of her siblings were excited about. It was all pretty overwheming for her and she was upset most of the time during the party.....

She is, however, doing very well now. :))

Victoria weighed 13 lbs when she came home 3 months ago. Now she is almost 16 lbs! She was unable to sit up at all. Now she sits alone and is crawling, too! She was overwhelmed and over-stimulated easily, afraid of loud noises and too many strange people. She could barely even hold a toy... Now she is so much more comfortable with other people and explores and enjoys playing with toys. Some of her favorites are the musical light up toys and magazines to tear up, and lately, Madalyn's oxygen hose. She used to pretty much stay in one spot, but now she will crawl to another room down the hall!!! Today I was in the kitchen cooking and looked behind me expecting to see the usual 2 (Madalyn and Anna) staring at me waiting for their food, and there was Toria sitting there with them!!! I laughed it was so funny!! This girl is really amazing!! It might not seem like it sometimes, but she is very aware of what is going on around her and is trying hard to catch up with her sisters!! I am sitting here almost in tears thinking of how far she has come and so fast!

I love this girl!! She is just such a sweetheart. 3 months ago she made absolutely no eye contact with us. Today she is not only looking at us, but turning toward us recognizing her name and smiling, laughing and giggling as well!! She loves to be held and she is now my little cuddle bug!! Thank you, God, for blessing us with our little Victoria! She is truly an amazing little girl!!!

Anna has made big changes as well. She was about 15 lbs when we came home and she is now almost 17 lbs. She had a bit of a struggle for a little while as she tested positive for H.Pylori and she actually lost a little bit of weight. She wasn't eating and our poor little girl was just miserable! Her little tummy hurt and her whole digestive system was all screwed up!! :( Now that she has been treated, she is like a different little girl! She is doing so much better and starting to eat a bigger variety of foods.

Like not just bananas, bananas, and more bananas....

Anna crawls all over the house now getting into everything. (She follows miss destructo around. ha ha!). She is imitating everything Madalyn is doing and I think that is great!

Really, they are watching and learning from each other. She is now pulling to stand, cruising around furniture, and even taking a few steps pushing the baby walker. She is a very social little girl and will go right to any new face that comes in the house. (Not sure that is good for attachment, but we are working on things as we can...). She always looks for me when other people are holding her and I know she knows I am mom, but with a 7 yr old with RAD, I tend to worry about attachment issues a little bit.
Anna is pretty verbal in that she lets us know with her voice what her needs are! She is not using words yet, but she is very good at getting her needs known!!! She is also a bit of a drama queen around here...and she keeps us laughing with all her funny facial expressions!!
What a beautiful gift!

So thankful.
Children are a gift from the Lord....
Psalm 127:3

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Mel said...

Kirsten, I can't believe the difference!!! YAY!!!! They are beauties!!

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