Friday, January 24, 2014

Adoption. Is It For You?

 Have you ever considered adopting a child?  If so, what stopped you if you didn't take those steps toward the adoption process? 

There are many roads to adoption. For some, it may be doing foster care.  For others, it may be adopting a healthy infant domestically. And for still others, it may be that they feel called to adopt a waiting child from another country or a child with special needs. 

It's totally worth doing some research to see what might be the right path for you and your family.  Anyway, I thought I would share a few sweet faces who need a family to call their own.

Is it even possible to resist some of these precious faces??

Above is a sibling group of 6!  They are listed in Colorado. They look like adorable kids and what a lot of fun it would be to add this bunch to your family!! Click on the link to find out more.

This sibling group is in Nevada...Maria, Michael and Nathaniel.  Aren't they beautiful?  Click on the link for more info.


The next 3 children have Down syndrome.  Obviously our family has a special love for children with that extra chromosome.  Maybe you think, "oh that's great for you, but not for me."  But I say, "Try it!! You will be blessed more than you could ever imagine and you don't know what you are missing!"

This is Leanne. She is in China. I met this little girl in 2012 when we were in her province to adopt our Emilee. She is super cute and smart, too!


Here is a video I took of her. Pretty cute!  

And this little guy is in the same city as Leanne.  He looks super smart.  What a handsome fellow!  I do have another picture of him as well for anyone who is interested.   


I love Yvonne!!!  She is "older" but sounds like the perfect child!  :)  Would love to bring this sweet one home myself if it was possible.    


If you are considering international adoption, there are many countries that you could adopt from and many different types of children!  All these countries have different and varying requirements for the adopting family.  Please research because I am sure you can find a country that will match your family's needs!  And there are so many beautiful kids needing and desperately wanting a mommy or a daddy or both!  :)

Here's one link that can help start you on the path to figure out what country might be best for you.

Or try this one...

Ok, here are just a couple more kids from the USA.  

Many children who are in foster care in the US end up "aging out" of the system.  This means they turn 18 and in many cases are handed a few items or nothing at all and sent out on their own.  They never have a family to call their own, no one to come home to at Thanksgiving, no one to help pay for college or tell them how to fill our a job application.  Even if a kid is already a teen doesn't mean they dont want or NEED a family!!!  

Meet Andrew.  He is a teenager who just wants a family and a sister. A sister!! Make sure you go to the link and watch his video. may jerk on your heart strings.  But don't be scared.  Teenagers are awesome!  They are just big kids who still need to know they are loved! 

And lastly, meet Desta!  She is a ninth grader and sounds like a pretty typical teen and a very caring individual. Both her and Andrew are located in Colorado.  

If you want to find out more about the waiting kids in any of the US states, please visit

It is a great site with loads of info about adoption.  

Please prayerfully consider adopting a child.  :)  It may be the best thing you ever do...

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