Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last Year

So here goes the anticipated "to be continued" post. I am not such a brilliant writer as some of the writers of the other blogs I follow, but I try. :) Anyway, I made ya'll wait awhile, didn't I!

Well, it's seriously busy around here! Somedays it seems like all I do is get from one set of feedings and diaper changes and snuggles to the next set. Absolutely nothing else is accomplished. Over and over and over again! Oh well, such is life with 3 one year olds and 1 three year old at home full time! :0 hee hee

Anyway, a year ago this week...

We already knew we wanted to adopt again. But this time, it would be a child with Down syndrome. In the just 7 short months since Madalyn's birth, we knew what a blessing we had been given, and we knew we wanted to "do it" again!!

I talked to Robin Steele and we decided to get on her "waiting list". I decided to "Google" Down syndrome and adoption. And then....

..I found Reece's Rainbow. I was totally amazed and touched and moved by the information we found there. And the children...... Such beautiful little wonders they all are!!

But our family was focused on Madalyn. We had to decide on an open heart surgery. We had to make the decision to go ahead with it "right now", like the doctors were recommending. It was so very heartwrenching. I know many of the readers of this blog know exactly what I am talking about. It hurts my heart and mind to just think back upon it now! So hard!!
Here's a few pics to remember...

Getting ready. So hard to let my little girl go...

Finding out our little Ladybug made it through okay! Finally a smile.

Seeing her for the first time, right after surgery. This just does not look like my baby!

On the left are all the machines that were pumping different meds into her.

The ventilator on the right.

Papa loves his Madalyn.

Minus a few tubes and wires...making progress.

So hard to see her like this.

Getting ready to extubate a 2nd time. First one was not successful!!

Finally off that thing!!!

Moved to the stepdown unit.

Oh my toys!!! How I've missed you! :))
It was during this time that I fell in love with some little ones on RR. And now, only one year later, many of these little ones are home with their families already or are close! So cool!!!

Milana, Jessie, Anna, Mina and of course Alina!!

Just to name a few.

A new heart.

Finally leaving. Get us outta here Justin!
Long story short, we got Madalyn home, settled in again, and within a few months we committed to adopting Anna and Victoria.
It is so unbelievable that here we are, a full year later, and we have 2 more little girls in our family! Two more beautiful daughters and we could not be more blessed!! So much can happen in a year, it is truly amazing!! We are so thankful to God that we have these 2 new blessings! It would've never happened without Him!!

For the most part, our adoption was a quick and easy process. I would have not said that a few months ago, there were many delays it seemed and waiting waiting waiting.... But looking back now, it really went fairly smoothly and easily. Comparatively.... :))

I would encourage anyone who has ever even considered doing this, to please just do it! No, seriously and prayerfully consider it, but jump in and see what God is calling you to do! Don't be afraid!
But even if you are not in a position to adopt, please do something! We are ALL called to help the orphans! Be a child's prayer warrior, support a family who is adopting financially, or contribute to a child who is still waiting for their family to find them! Every little bit counts!! Please just do something!

It is so worth it!



Teacher Girl said...

Great post! You have such adorable little girls. I just recently discovered your blog- which of your other children are adopted?


Rebecca said...

What a great post! Thank you so much for sharing.

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