Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is Winter Over Yet?

I have been a blog slacker lately.  I have lots of excuses reasons. Ha!

There has been some rough stuff for our family lately. Not something I'm gonna blog about...  ;)  But besides some of that other crazy stuff, we have just mostly been dealing with sick kids.  Whatever nasty little cold bug we caught has pretty much gone through the whole family, except for one or two of us.  

Poor little Anna got the worst of it though, as she wasn't able to really shake it and ended up with pneumonia.  I'm so bummed!  I thought we had gotten through the winter without a major illness.  Apparently not....

She has been very healthy since she came home (17 months ago today!), so it was a bit surprising that she got so sick.  It got to the point that she was just sitting on the couch and/or wanting to be held, not playing, not eating, not wanting to do anything but sleep. If I put her on the floor, she would just sit down.  She wouldn't walk and I was worried that something really serious was going on.    

She was acting weird, but she still looked really good. 

We were able to borrow a pulse oximeter to check her saturation levels, just on the off chance there was a problem there.  She wasn't running a fever, she wasn't coughing, plugged up or anything.  She looked GOOD. 

Except for being so. not. herself. 
Imagine our surprise when the machine kept registering her O2 levels in the 70's. We had to check, double check, then check it again on one of our other kids just to see if the machine was working right.  Good thing we just happen to have oxygen available at our house.  Ha Ha

Long story short, we went to the doctor and she got a couple chest xrays (she was very cooperative for them, most likely because she just didn't have the energy to move) and a lovely shot of antibiotics (which she really didn't appreciate). 

We are thankful that our pediatricians know us so well (from Madalyn's millions of sick visits) and apparently trust our judgement enough that she did not have to be admitted.  Not to mention the fact that the hospital was already filled with a bunch of kids with RSV.  Lol   It's kind of funny because when we got to the pediatrician's office and the nurse checked her sats, they were down in the 70's.  She went back and told the doctor and they just automatically assumed (rightfully) that they needed to get a bed at the hospital ready for Anna.  But when she walked in and saw her, she said, "I thought I was gonna walk in and see a sick kid!!  She doesn't look like she's in the 70's, she doesn't look THAT sick!".   Lol  

After a couple days on antibiotics, she is doing much better.  :)

Madalyn trying to wipe Anna's face.

Madalyn tickling Anna.

Super cute smile, so glad to see our old Anna is still in there...

Playing ball with Madalyn...

Finally feeling good enough to get off the couch. Those plastic balls look too fun not to get up and play.

The good news, obviously, is that Anna is feeling much better than she was.  The bad news is that she has to stay on oxygen for at least another few more days.  I am happy because she is tolerating the oxygen really well!  She hasn't tried to pull it off her face once and doesn't act like it bothers her a bit!  Such a good girl!

I'll leave you with a few pictures from today.  She is obviously feeling even better today and we are so thankful to see her cute and funny personality coming back to life!!  We sure love this girlie!!!

Oh, yeah...she got her haircut, too.  

Just in case you were wondering...

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harris family journeys said...

She is too cute for words. Seriously. Too cute. I could just eat her up! All three of your girls are. I hope she is 100% soon!!!

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