Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ok, so I am not a patient person...especially when it comes to things I really want! And I want things to hurry up and be done! Like our homestudy that took a full 12 weeks. Well it's done now but that didn't help my stress level, and so now I feel even more impatient. Our application to USCIS got to Texas on Thursday (the 10th). It goes to Missouri from there. Our check for $830 cleared on Monday (the 14th). So I felt inclined to call today to find out more info...any info! (I actually called yesterday too, :) and they were really nice and helpful on the phone). I was trying to find out for sure where we will have to go to be fingerprinted. I was told Albuquerque, NM originally. But the lady on the phone, and my research online told me it was Denver. (Based on where we live). We live in a very rural S.W. Colorado and Albuquerque is actually about 4 hours away. Denver is about 6-7 hours away. We have heard that people have just showed up at their USCIS office and walked in and gotten their fingerprints done earlier than their scheduled date. Some have had really nice people and no problems and some have had people that were not so nice, but still did the fingerprints. I really want to "try" that, too. Either way it is a long trip and to try and go early before our "scheduled" appointment makes me a little nervous. I am not one to take big risks. And driving 6 or more hours with 5 kids to try to get fingerprints earlier than our scheduled day is a big risk to me! What if they send us away and say NO!? Then what? I also registered online to get an account with USCIS and receive updates in our case. The problem is...we haven't yet received our "receipt number", which they send out after they have received your application and are beginning the processing of it. So I can't get updates until I get that special number in the mail. Yes, as I said, I am not patient. Not with this anyway. Not when I am thinking of my girls and everyday we have to wait here, is one more day of their life that they don't even know they have a family waiting for them. A family that loves them dearly and is working HARD to get there and to bring them HOME! Hoping that receipt number comes tomorrow!!! :)

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Leslie Kirk said...

Glad you found my blog; I've been hearing little bits about your story for a while now too so it's nice to be able to keep up with it!
We just went through the fingerprinting process at the beginning of May so I know how you feel. They changed the process at the beginning of the year and then again in April. We actually sent our I600A in on March 12th, but they still made us follow the newest protocol. The way it worked for us is:
We went to Abq. based on our zip code, not sure exactly where you live so it could be different if we are in different zip codes.
It took a while to get our appointment, but I think this was because we turned in our I600A right when they were changing things around.
I would not recommend going to the office without a confirmed appointment and the "invitation" letter unless your agency tells you to. In Abq, they would not have let us get our prints without the letter.
Also, if you go to ABQ, do not follow the mapquest directions. Call the USCIS number and get directions from them. The mapquest directions are COMPLETELY wrong ;)
The good news is, once we had our fingerprints done, it was no time at all before we had our I-171H in our hands. I think it only took about two weeks which is much quicker than it used to be. I'll pray that it all happens as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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