Monday, September 20, 2010


This morning we got up to skype with our kids at home in Bayfield. It is so nice to see their faces even though the connection isn’t that great sometimes. We miss them so much! Then after we skyped with them, we also got to “talk” with our older son, Jordan at college in Golden, CO. (instant messaging with skype). Isn’t technology great?! (most of the time) At 6 a.m. here, we are getting up and saying goodnite to our kids in CO who were heading to bed at 9 p.m. there.

Then we headed out into the rain to catch the bus to the orphanage. So we were a little nervous considering we totally don’t speak the language or understand it or read it! However, we do know what the name of the town we were headed to looks like and we know which bus number we were supposed to take to get there. So we after some deliberation, we got onto the bus we thought was right and tried to pay the driver. Luckily, she knew a tiny bit of English and so she was able to confirm the town we were going to and how much we needed to pay her. Remember, we come from a small town where there really is no public transportation and we are used to driving our own big SUV’s around wherever we need to go! We were bumping along stopping and starting for quite some time, and more and more people kept getting on this little bus (kind of a mini bus). We rode along for a long time and we were starting to get nervous that we were way far from where we were supposed to be. But as usual, God was taking care of us and we finally reached a place that looked familiar and were able to get off the bus. It was actually the very last stop for the bus and we had to get off!! LOL!

We still had to walk down a long street to the orphanage and it was still raining. Needless to say, we got pretty wet as we had no umbrella, but we finally made it the the orphanage about 10 minutes late.

We got to see the girls and that was the highlight of the day! We even got to visit with them about an hour longer than we were supposed to. Not sure why but it was great by us! Our little Magda was a bit fussy today and we are not sure if she was not feeling good or maybe just not familiar with us enough yet, or just hungry or tired. Either way, she was not too happy. Poor sweet thing, she loves being held close and doesn’t like sudden movements. I held her and rocked her until she fell asleep and I was really excited I got to do that! Arianna was her typical serious and curious self. We have to work hard to get her to smile! We have seen her smile only about 3 times so far. But she is happy and content to be held and to play with toys. She also snuggles in when you hold her and I think that is a really good thing!

Hope you enjoy the pics of our little sweeties!!!


Katrina said...

they are so cute ! I bet you are having so much fun loving on them.

Lesli said...

LOVED seeing your pictures!!! How amazing! Continued prayers for you and for the country! You guys are such a blessing to those beautiful blessings!!

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