Friday, May 21, 2010

Well, we finally really did have our last meeting with our social worker! Yea!! Hopefully next time we see her, we will have our girls home and she will be doing post placement visits! What a fun thought, I can't wait! She said she was sending the homestudy to the agency today for review. I am hoping it will be reviewed by all parties next week, approved by the state, and ready to send to USCIS a week from today! Wouldn't that be awesome!!! That is such a huge and important part of the process and I can't wait to be doing that "waiting game". I know, I know...I will probably be complaining later about how long it is taking and how I wish they would hurry up and approve us!! But, hey, I am human! Nothing is ever good enough, right? (Well, hopefully I won't be that bad.)
But I am anxious to get this stuff done so our girls can come home!!! It just seems so urgent to needs to happen, and soon!! It seems like a lot of the other blogs and people I know who started this process around the time we did already are waiting their approval letter and have done their INS fingerprints and everything. I am not sure if their homestudies are done, too. But our agency told us that we needed to send the application at the same time as the homestudy, and I know some people have sent their application early, then are sending the homestudy when it is done. But apparently in Colorado, you need to send it all at the same time. The good of that is that all we have to do is finish up dossier paperwork and do fingerprints (probably in Albuquerque) while we wait, and not have to still be worrying about finishing the homestudy. Anyway...I am excited because it is getting exciting and scary and real and I can't wait to meet my girls!!
Tomorrow is our first yard sale day. We have spent the last few days working very hard to get things organized and stuff. I am tired already, but hopefully it will all go well tomorrow and we will raise lots of money! Thanks to everyone who has donated to our yard sale!

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Julie said...

Hi Kirsten!
I think we started about the same time as you too, and we just had our final meeting with our sw, so hopefully our hs will be done in the next week or so. We did send in the i600a but they won't really do anything with it 'til they get our hs. So we're a little behind you. Good luck with your sale - we're having one June 5!

This waiting IS so hard!

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